Analyzing the Low Participation in the Under-21 Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program

Apr 30, 2024

1 min

📰 This week the FMCSA released stats on applications and rejections for the Under-21 Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. I was surprised by how few applications were received (113) and how few were accepted - only 34 applications, or 30%, were accepted.

🧒 👧 Though in the current market, drivers are not as hard to come by, generating opportunities for young drivers should still be a priority. However, the lack of applications seems to indicate otherwise.

I am intrigued to learn more about what is behind these figures. Is it driven by the current market 📉 , the safety restrictions imposed by insurers 📜 , the lack of interest from younger generations 😴 or a combination?

Would love to get my trucking network's though on this.