Strategies to reduce cost to hire by reengaging prior applicants

May 21, 2024

5 min

In the competitive world of trucking recruitment, cost to hire is often a key metric for performance evaluation. A few months back, we delved into the components that make up the total cost to hire, highlighting how advertising can significantly inflate expenses. You can revisit that article here. However, our ongoing research has uncovered a common strategy among top-performing recruiters: they efficiently leverage their database of prior applicants and the capabilities of their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to re-engage past leads, thus hiring without additional ad spend and significantly reducing their cost to hire.

Keys to Re-engagement Success

To successfully re-engage old leads, it's crucial to be strategic and thoughtful:

  1. Consistent and Detailed Data Capture: To effectively leverage your prior applicants, it's essential to capture why they were initially uninterested or not a good fit. This means being methodical, consistent, and detailed in your use of disposition reasons. Remember, the quality of your input data directly affects the success of re-engagement—garbage in, garbage out.

  2. Segment and identify Triggers or Use Cases : Look back at your leads and identify specific reasons they might be a better fit now. For instance, a candidate who was six months short of the required experience could now be ready to hire. Or, consider a driver who previously needed local positions—reach out to them first when local opportunities arise, making the re-engagement more personal and relevant.

  3. Targeted Messaging: Generic messages won't cut it. Your communication needs to be as personalized as possible to resonate with each segment. For instance, reminding a candidate about the new availability of local positions and adding a personal touch can significantly increase your chances of re-engagement, e.g.: "Hi John, we now have local positions available. Give me a call if you are still looking! PS: hope the baby is doing great."

  4. Measure and Refine: Track success of your re-engagement campaigns and iterate as needed. Leverage A/B testing to look for incremental improvements. This approach will help you understand what resonates best with different segments, enabling you to enhance your engagement strategy continuously.

How Double Nickel Can Transform Your Re-engagement Strategy

Navigating the complexities of re-engagement requires more than just good intentions; it demands a robust tool that is built for purpose. Double Nickel stands out as the ideal partner for this task due to our comprehensive suite of features designed specifically for the trucking industry’s recruitment challenges:

  • Detailed Lead Insights: Our platform allows you to track detailed disposition statuses and notes, helping you understand precisely why a candidate was not a fit at a previous point in time.

  • Flexible Candidate Categorization: We differentiate between permanently disqualified applicants (e.g., those marked as non-eligible for rehire by a previous employer) and those disqualified for temporary reasons (e.g., insufficient experience).

  • Advanced Segmentation and Communication Tools: Use our advanced filters to sort your lead base by application date, disposition status, and more. Our system enables you to send bulk communications to targeted applicant segments, and even set up specific communications triggered by certain events.

Get Started with Double Nickel

If you're ready to reduce your hiring costs and streamline your recruitment process through effective lead re-engagement, contact us at Double Nickel. Let us help you turn your old leads into new opportunities, seamlessly.