Navigating the Freight Recession and Preparing for Future Growth

Apr 30, 2024

2 min

Takeaways from the Truckload Carriers Association Annual Convention

🚚 Last week, Elif and I were in Nashville, TN, for the TCA's Annual Convention. This was an incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders across various fleet sizes. The myriad panels, talks, and roundtables provided deep insights, affirming our direction with Double Nickel amidst challenging times.

Key takeaways from our time there:

1️⃣ The freight recession persists, with hopes of recovery projected no sooner than late 2024 or early 2025.

2️⃣ This period, though challenging, is seen as pivotal for carriers to refine processes and embrace technology, setting the stage for future growth.

3️⃣ In this context and based on the learnings from the 2021-2022 period, there seems to be a consensus among HR & Recruiting professionals on one topic: in the forthcoming upmarket, successful recruitment is merely the first step—retention will be the game-changer.

👂 Interested in hearing from all of you: What adjustments are you making to your recruiting process to prepare for the coming upmarket? What retention strategies are you planning to implement?